5 Carry On Tips That Will Make Your Life a Whole Lot Easier

After being in Europe for a month, I’ve learned how much easier it is to pack everything in a carry-on than to bring a check-in suitcase.

Once I arrive to my destination, I want to get out of the airport/train station as quickly as possible. One of my least favorite parts of flying is waiting for luggage after a tiring trip. A few years back my luggage was sent to a different airport, which I learned after a couple of hours waiting for it to arrive. Now, I avoid this by packing everything onto one carry-on bag.

And it has made traveling so much easier.

Here are 5 Tips for packing everything in a carry-on bag-

1.Packing Cubes

These things are fantastic. They are expandable, so I can fill them up with clothing items while keeping my carry on neat and organized. You can purchase them here.

2. Ziplock Baggies

Whatever I do not fit in packing cubes, I stuff into sandwich baggies. These are especially useful for storing cosmetic products and toiletries. One time, I had a foundation bottle explode in my make up bag during a flight. These bags help keep your carry-on CLEAN and orderly.

3.Pack Minimally

While this may be obvious, many travelers still struggle with TMS Syndrome (“Too Much Stuff”). Limit yourself, and don’t cram belongings that you might need “just in case”. Bring the basic essentials. I recommend writing a list of all of your daily items that you need– such as electronics, chargers, toiletries, and clothing items. Traveling becomes ALOT easier when you bring as little as possible. Plus, you will have extra room in your bag for any souvenirs that you pick up during the trip!

4. Pack Ahead

I usually pack several days before my departure. Packing in advance allows you to take your time packing efficiently and neatly. Whenever I procrastinate packing, I end up just throwing things together, ending up with messy, unorganized luggage. The likelihood that I will forget an essential item increases, along with the likelihood of packing useless and unnecessary items.

5. Use a backpack

This is probably what benefits me the most while traveling. My favorite type of carry on luggage is a backpack because it allows for my hands to be free, and it does not put strain on my shoulder like shoulder bags do. I also don’t have to put it in the luggage compartment above my chair- I just put it under my seat so I can just grab it and go after I arrive to my destination.

I hope that these tips have been helpful to all of you fellow travelers! Remember to be weary of how much you really need to bring, and try to force yourself to pack as little as possible for the amount of time you will be at your destination.


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