How to NEVER Get Lost While Traveling | Avoid Getting Lost on Your Trip

Follow my blog with Bloglovin     As a solo female traveler, it is so important to NOT get lost while traveling. Its just a recipe for disaster. After trial and error, I’ve developed a strategy that has helped me avoid getting lost during my travels.  This is going to be one of my most […]

7 Useful Travel Tips For Solo Female Travelers

While some of these travel tips may seem obvious, its good to keep into mind while traveling as a young solo female. Fake Engagement Ring More often then not, solo female travelers get hit on by foreign men. I always wear a fake engagement ring during a solo trip. I’ve noticed this helps detract hopeful […]

How to Sleep While Traveling: Tips for Sleeping on a Plane, Bus, or Train

Whether it is on a plane, train, or bus, sometimes you could use a little extra sleep to give you more energy for the day of traveling ahead. However, it can be quite difficult to do this while surrounded by talking people, sitting in uncomfortable seats, and dealing with fluorescent lighting. Well, after much trial […]