How to Sleep While Traveling: Tips for Sleeping on a Plane, Bus, or Train

Whether it is on a plane, train, or bus, sometimes you could use a little extra sleep to give you more energy for the day of traveling ahead. However, it can be quite difficult to do this while surrounded by talking people, sitting in uncomfortable seats, and dealing with fluorescent lighting. Well, after much trial and error, I’ve learned how to successfully sleep while traveling with the use of some handy products and tips.

How to sleep while travelling: What I use to help me sleep:

Eye mask

I find it easier to fall asleep in a dark setting. Biologically, we associate the dark with nighttime, so our bodies can fall asleep in darker settings much easier than in brighter settings. Get an eye mask to help block out the light. I usually use dark-colored eye masks because they do a better job blocking light.

I’ve tried tons of eye masks, and the absolute bests are the Lewis N. Clark Comfort Eye Mask. They are SO Comfortable and do the BEST job at blocking out light. I saw them once at TJ Max, but they were much pricier in store than online.

Earbuds/Head Phones

Earbuds help block out surrounding noises that might keep you up, especially if you are a light sleeper like myself. Sound blocking earbuds are best, but I find that 8-dollar gift shop earbuds work perfectly fine. Listen to white noise through these, and you will literally block out all sounds.

Click Here to purchase my all time favorite headphones, the Symphonized Wraith 2.0 Premium Genuine Wood Headphones with Mic. only are they stylist, but they are super comfy to wear for hours on end, and they do a great job blocking out sound! For $60, they are a super high quality pair of headphones.

Travel pillow

I like bringing a travel pillow that clips onto my carry on. If I am sitting at a window seat, I prop the pillow against the wall and rest my head against it. This is much more comfortable than putting my head directly onto the wall, and the more comfortable I am, the easier I can fall asleep.

You can pretty much find these everywhere, I usually get them at TJ Maxx or Target.

Window seats

This brings me to another tip; try to snag a window seat. If you have the option to choose your seat for a few extra bucks, I recommend doing it, especially if you are planning on napping during your travels.

Comfy clothes

Obviously, you want to be as comfortable as possible while travelling. I always sleep better while wearing comfortable, breathable clothing. My go-to travel-sleep outfit includes a cotton t-shirt with leggings or harem pants. Basically, clothing that simulate the feeling of pajamas.

A white noise application

I credit every hour of travel-sleep to my “noise box” app, which allows me to listen to white noise sounds to drown out any surrounding noises. Pairing this with a pair of earbuds literally drowns everything out- leading to an uninterrupted, peaceful rest.

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