7 Useful Travel Tips For Solo Female Travelers

While some of these travel tips may seem obvious, its good to keep into mind while traveling as a young solo female.

Fake Engagement Ringandrik-langfield-petrides-319987.jpg

More often then not, solo female travelers get hit on by foreign men. I always wear a fake engagement ring during a solo trip. I’ve noticed this helps detract hopeful men as they approach me. I have a rather large “diamond” ring, so that it is noticeable.

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Life 360


Life 360 is an app that tracks exactly where you are. Maybe it sounds a little creepy, but its great to connect with your family members, so they know where you are at all times.

Click Here to download the Life 360 App.

Travel with a tour groupvaida-tamosauskaite-85608.jpg

Traveling with tour groups is great for solo female travelers, especially in areas that are not-so-safe for solo females. You will have a knowledgeable guide, and be surrounded by other solo travelers. This is a great option for anyone worrying about safety. I almost always book tours through Viator. I’ve by far had the best experiences with these tour groups. Check out thousands of tours around the world that Viator offers!


Write down the address to your accommodationloic-djim-38013.jpg

This is another important one! I always physically write down the address to my accommodation. I also type it on my phone, but its good to also have a physical copy in case your phone dies or gets lost or stolen. You never know what could happen to it, so having it written down on a piece of paper never hurts. It is good to know the address in case you get lost or end up in a sketchy area, so you can just get a taxi back to your accommodation.

Remember the country’s emergency numberharri-kuokkanen-135786.jpg

911 is only used in America. Every country has a different emergency number, so its good to remember it in case something happens.

Get Cell Datajamie-dench-254774.jpg

A lot of people don’t have cell data while traveling because of the expenses. I think safety should come first, so its important to stay connected for solo female travelers. You can either get an international plan, or purchase a local SIM card upon your arrival to the destination. Purchase an international SIM card or an international cell phone HERE


Avoid Drinkingbenjamin-balazs-328931.jpg

Another obvious one that some of us may neglect to do. Don’t get drunk alone as a solo female traveler. I’ve made this mistake, and will never do it again. Just don’t do it. There is no need to explain.


Disclaimer: Some of the links above are affiliated. All opinions are my own.

4 thoughts on “7 Useful Travel Tips For Solo Female Travelers

  1. Great tips! I love solo travelling but still get nervous from time to time. I never thought about writing my address down physically – I’ve only ever done it digitally and there were times when my phone died (but I always carry a charger with me).

  2. These are really good ideas. Unfortunately, as women we are deemed as weaker and this shouldn’t stop of us from being able to do the things that we want to do. We should be allowed freedom. It’s a shame that we can’t get drunk and be carefree all the time and its a shame that we have to do things like wear fake engagement rings to be left alone. However these are incredible tips and safety is never for discussion. Especially when visiting less commercial countries with vastly different cultures. Fantastic Post!

    1. Thank you!! It is a shame. Instead, we have to constantly have our guard up and always have safety on our minds. My family worries about me more than I do for myself when I travel alone! Haha. But thank you so much- I’m so happy you liked it!!

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