The Ultimate Solo Travel Guide to Albania

Albania might not be the first destination to come to mind when you think of a European getaway. However, as the number of yearly visitors increase, Albania is more ready than ever to welcome tourists to the beautiful country. Albania is truly a country that has it all- the metropolitan city of Tirana, incredible mountainous […]

7 Useful Travel Tips For Solo Female Travelers

While some of these travel tips may seem obvious, its good to keep into mind while traveling as a young solo female. Fake Engagement Ring More often then not, solo female travelers get hit on by foreign men. I always wear a fake engagement ring during a solo trip. I’ve noticed this helps detract hopeful […]

My First Experience Traveling as A Solo Female

    La Plaza de La Virgen, Valencia. A year ago, I would have never thought about traveling solo. The idea of it terrified me; it was something that I told myself I couldn’t do. Not only did I tell myself this, but others did as well. Worried family members would say “you’re too tiny […]