When Things Go Wrong Abroad


All About My Worst Travel Experience Abroad and How I Got Through It

When things don’t go as planned while traveling, it can be scary.

Especially when you are alone.

This past weekend, I traveled to Cadiz, Spain for Carnival. I had to travel separately from my group of friends due to scheduling conflicts, and had plans to meet with them once I arrived to Cadiz.

Travel planning went smoothly. I found decently priced train tickets, and to my surprise, a cheap Air B&B was available. Carnival is one of the biggest events in Spain, and the price of accommodation skyrockets as a result. Finding a $27/night room that was actually available almost seemed too good to be true.

As the saying goes, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Upon my arrival to Cadiz, I brought up Google Maps and punched in the address of the Air B&B.

Walking Distance: 5 days. 

Must have been a glitch. I retyped the address and clicked “Go”.

Walking Distance: 5 days. 

I rush of panic filled my chest. 5 Days?! When I went to Valencia, my Air B&B was a 15 minute walk from the train station! Confused, I contacted the host and asked about the insane walking distance.

It turns out, I booked a room that is located in Rota, which is a town that is located in the province of Cadiz. The center of Cadiz is actually located on a peninsula, and in order to get to Rota, one must travel around the entire shoreline of the peninsula.

Tired, upset, and freaked out, I sat on the concrete outside of the station and started to cry. I had hit a travelling low.  If I had been anywhere else, I wouldn’t have been so scared. Every hotel nearby would either be booked or insanely overpriced, so I had nowhere to go. On the verge of a panic attack, I called my parents saviors. My amazing dad found ONE hotel room left in the entire area, and booked it immediately for me. PRAISE GOD FOR PARENTS!!!

After my escapade, I was able to enjoy Carnival and the rich culture that Cadiz has to offer. Above all, I learned a valuable, necessary lesson…

Research your accommodation BEFORE arriving to the destination!!!



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