7 Spanish Foods For Picky Eaters

The Struggle of an Unadventurous Foodie Abroad


Being a picky eater in a foreign country can be difficult. Part of you wants to try all of the local cuisines and dishes, but when you see that the menu consists of roasted octopus, broiled rabbit, and fried squid, you opt for the hamburger with a side of french fries. Spain is a place that is known to be a paradise among foodies. However, some of the food options can be off-putting to unadventurous eaters, such as myself. Here are 7 traditional Spanish foods that even the pickiest of eaters will love to try:

  1. Tortilla con Patata (Potato Omlet)tortilla-622974_1920.jpg

I’ve eaten this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This baked omelet is filled with fluffy potatoes, and sometimes onions, spinach, and cheese. This plate is something that even the pickiest of eaters will likely enjoy.

  1. Croquetas appetizers-1853581_1920.jpg

Fried balls of cheese with bits of ham. Basically a fancier, more delicious version of mozzarella sticks.

  1. Paellapaella-1349255_1920.jpg

Traditionally, Paella consists of rice, spices, seafood, rabbit, chicken, and/or snails. However, the picky eater has the option of vegetarian or chicken-only paella.

  1. Huevos Rotos  hash-1330575_1920.jpg

Fried eggs on top of fried potatoes. A delicious combination I never thought to put together before I came to Spain.

  1. Chicken Empanadas  empanadas-592354_1920.jpg

Fried dough filled with seasoned chicken. A classic, tasty, and simple dish that is perfect for an afternoon snack.

  1. Patatas Bravas food-1683466_1920.jpg

Fried potatoes with a smooth, slightly spicy sauce. Some potatas bravas are spicier than others, but usually the sauce is fairly mild and very tasty.

  1. Chocolate con Churros churros-with-chocolate-1114343_1920.jpg

And finally, for dessert!… Well.. Breakfast. This dish is actually a popular breakfast option for Spaniards. The thick hot chocolate goes perfectly with the fried churros. A perfect dish for any pick eater out there.

7 thoughts on “7 Spanish Foods For Picky Eaters

  1. Whyyyyyyy did you have to go and make me feel so hungry for every single one of these foods when I can’t have any of them at the moment?! That’s so cruel!

    Currently debating whether or not I can diy some churros for myself….

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