The Most Instagrammable Places in Mostar, Bosnia


Mostar is definitely an up-and-coming tourist destination. With it’s close proximity to Dubrovnik and its picturesque views, its no wonder why Mostar is becoming such a popular city amongst tourists- and instagrammers.

The charming city is filled with little photogenic corners. Make sure not to miss out on any amazing photo-opps during your trip to this Bosnian gem- I found my self in Instagram HEAVEN when I was there. In fact, I ended up getting some of my favorite Instagram shots of all time in Mostar, and I want to make sure you get some favorite shots here, too.

Here are all of the most Instagrammable places in Mostar, Bosnia:

The best Instagrammable places in and nearby Mostar- Mapped out!


Stari Most Bridge

The most ICONIC symbol of Mostar is the old medieval bridge, Stari Most- also known as the Old Bridge of Mostar. The original bridge was destroyed during the 90’s war, but an exact replica was built in 2004. The Stari Most bridge is by far the most picturesque location in Mostar.

There are several places you can photograph the bridge. To get a shot similar to the one above, you have to go on the “beach” that is right below the bridge. Cross the bridge, and go to the left to find a staircase that will take you here. It is nearly impossible to miss. Get here early in the morning, as this place is flooded with people during the summer months. I shot during sunset, and had to do some photoshop magic to edit out photobombers.

For a different perspective of the bridge, climb down the rocks on the righthand side of the river. This is where people go to practice jumping into the river before jumping off the 90-foot bridge. There will be a lot less people here, and it adds a unique perspective to the bridge.

You can also get some beautiful photos atop the Stari Most bridge, like the one pictured above.


The Shops in the old town

This souvenir shop is located right next to Europa Restoran in Mostar, Bosnia

The Mostar old town is filled with adorable little souvenir shops. You’ll find vendors selling things copper wear, ceramics and jewelry. Many of these stores have beautiful displays of their items, making them super photogenic and insta-worthy.

Photo tip: Buy a little souvenir before taking photos. Many store vendors will not allow photos unless a purchase is made. When I was went to take photos in the stores, I asked the vendors, “If I buy something, can I take some photos in here?” Worked every time.


Mostar Stari Grad (old town)

The Mostar old town is another place to get beautiful photos. The UNESCO Heritage site consists of old stone walk ways and beautiful stone buildings. Kujundžilu street is undoubtably the prettiest in the old town, as it has gorgeous views of the Stari Most bridge.

Photo tip: The old town can get packed with tourists throughout the day as, daily tour groups come from Dubrovnik. If you want to photograph empty streets, go shooting early in the morning.


Koskin-Mehmed Pasha’s Mosque

View of Stari Most from the top of the Mosque.

Located in the heart of the Mostar old town, Koskin-Mehmed Pasha’s Mosque offers incredible views of Mostar (they credit themselves to having the “best view” of the Stari Most Bridge). Keep in mind that there is an entrance fee. If you want to get to the view point, you must pay six euros. It is worth it for the view- and the photo opp.


Blagaj Monestary

While not exacty IN Mostar, Blagaj is an incredibly easy day trip. You can get here on either a guided tour or take the bus for one euro each way. The most photogenic point is on the rocks across from the Blagaj monestary (this spot is called “Vrelo Bune” on Google Maps).


Spanish Square

Located on the Croatian side of Mostar outside of the old town, the Spanish Square features a beautiful Moorish-style building that is perfect for an Instagram photo. Being outside the touristy old town, this square is usually empty so you will not have to worry about getting photobombers in your picture.


Kriva Cyprija bridge

The Kriva Cyprija bridge essentailly looks like the little sister of the Stari Most bridge. This bridge has a beautiful view of a small, man made waterfall and an old stone cottage filled with flowers and succulents.


Sniper’s Tower

While the exterior looks like nothing special, head inside the abandoned Sniper’s tower to photograph  the incredible graffiti and some great views of Mostar city.


Hum Mountain

For a view of the entire city, head up Hum mountain to get some photos of Mostar’s coral colored rooftops and the surrounding mountains. Keep in mind that you will either need a car to get here, or go with a tour group. If you want to walk it, it will take about two hours each way. A taxi should cost roughly 7 Euros each way to get to the top from Mostar city.


Lucki Grad Bridge

The less famous Lucki Grad Bridge is located directly across from the Mostar Icon, Stari Grad. On top of this bridge, you have a perfect view of Stari Grad, making for great photos both on top and below the Lucki Grad Bridge.

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