Solo Travel: JUST DO IT.


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Does the idea of solo traveling interest you, but something is holding you back from actually doing it?

  • Are you scared to travel alone?
  • Are you “too busy” with work, school, or other priorities?
  • Do you not have enough money saved up to go on a dream trip?

These are some of the excuses I’ve heard from people that are interested in solo travel, but have not yet taken action to do so.

Sure, these excuses are totally valid. But if you really want something, why let something hinder your ability to achieve it?

I believe that if you truly want something, you can go to great lengths to get it. It might take time, effort, and money, but if you truly wish to experience something such as taking a solo travel trip, you can do it.

And you will succeed. You will be okay.

Although the idea of solo travel seems like fun, many are too nervous for safety reasons, and end up never taking that trip. Safety is a huge reason to avoid solo travel- especially in some destinations. However, with some thought, research, and common sense, you will be absolutely O.K. on your trip.

Here’s how I think of it:

How do you stay safe in your hometown? Do you walk around alone at 3 AM in a dark alley way? Do you hang out in sketchy areas? Do you get in cars with strangers?

Okay, so you probably don’t do this at home, for safety reasons.

So, for the same reasons, you wouldn’t do this in a foreign country, especially when you are alone.

Now, I know that things might be different at home. You know the area inside and out, you know what and where to avoid. Maybe there’s never crime in your town.

That’s why research and gut instinct are so important when it comes to solo travel. Research the places to avoid BEFORE you get there. If you end up somewhere that gives you a bad vibe, call a taxi and get back to your accommodation. Really, as long as you utilize your common sense, you will be fine on your solo trip.

But what if I f**k up?

I can guarantee you you will mess up during your travels. In fact, I encourage you to. The mistakes made while traveling are lessons learned. I feel so confident in my solo travel abilities because I’ve made mistakes, and learned from them. I’ve been stranded in the middle of nowhere, I’ve booked accommodations in the wrong city, I’ve gotten lost in foreign countries. But I learned from this. And I learned how to avoid these mistakes for future trips. It really has made me a better, stronger traveler. Here are some more tips I have for any aspiring solo travelers:

Expect the unexpected. Actually, expect to things to go wrong, because they probably will at some point. Know how you will handle it before something does happen. Check out my post, “when things go wrong abroad” to hear about my first solo travel mishap.

Stay connected. Having phone service is really helpful while traveling solo. Figure out how to stay connected before you get to the destination. This might mean buying a SIM card at the destination or purchasing an international phone plan. It’s worth it.

Research, research, research. Before the big trip, do a lot of research about the place you are going to. Learn what is culturally respectful or disrespectful. Learn what places to avoid and what places are must-goes. Learn how to get to your accommodation from the airport. This will make everything A LOT easier upon arrival.

If money is an issue, there are plenty of  ways to save up for travel, and make some extra money on the side. Check out this video to learn more about saving up for travel.

Tell someone where you will be. Going on a day drip during your stay? Tell someone. This is crucial because, God forbid if anything did happen, someone will know where you have been. It is an essential safety measurement that a lot of solo travelers neglect to do.

So now that you’ve read this, I hope it has inspired you to finally take that solo trip. I love the motto, “don’t think about it, just do it“. Book that flight without hesitation. Plan an epic itinerary. Most importantly, have a trip of a lifetime.

Remember, when it comes to solo travel,

Just do it. Just go!solo-travel-female

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