A Day In Oslo, Norway | What To Do In Norway's Capital

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Oslo is a great base to start off your Norway trip. Primarily, its usually the cheapest Norwegian city to fly into (especially if you are coming from The States). Oslo is the cultural capital of Norway, and you should definitely spend a day here before embarking the fjords, Troll’s Tongue, and the northern lights!

Here is how to make the best of your time in Oslo, Norway:


The Open-Air Norwegian Folk Museum (my favorite!)

The museums should be your focal point during your stay in Oslo. Oslo is home to some of the best museums in Norway, if not Europe. Some of the more notable museums include the Viking Ship museum, The Oslo National Gallery (home of The Scream), Fram Polar Ship Museum, the Norwegian Folk Museum, the Kon Tiki Museum, and the Vigeland Museum. Start off early, as most of the museums close at 5 PM.

The best way to see the museums is to purchase the Visit Oslo Pass. It allows you entrance to 36 museums, free public transport, and discounts off various tours and excursions. Purchase the Visit Oslo Pass here.

The Viking Ship Museum
kon tiki-museum-oslo-norway
The Von Tiki Museum


Take a Touroslo-norway-travel-guide-tour

There’s no better way to experience Oslo in one day than taking a tour. There are plenty of guided city tours available in Oslo, which will show you the most important sights. You’ll learn about Oslo’s history, and become acquainted with the city.

Here are some great tours that are offered by Viator!

Click here to book an All-inclusive Oslo City tour, including entrance to Oslo’s best museums!! (Highly Recommended)

Click Here to book a 7 hour Oslo city and fjord tour (Great deal!)

Click Here to check out the Taste of Norway Nordic Food Tour (YUM!)


The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet oslo-norway-norweigian-national-opera-ballet

Famous for resembling an iceberg, the National Opera is another must-see in Oslo. Although they do have performances, most people go just to climb to the top for some good views of the city.

The Nobel Peace Center

Inside the Nobel Peace Center

Visit the building where The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded. The inside is filled with beautiful, colorful murals, and it is definitely something you will want to see while in Oslo.

The Oslo Fjord oslo-norway-fjord-cruise-tour

Take a cruise along Oslo’s beautiful Fjord. This will give you a taste of the incredible fjords that Norway is so well known for.Book your Oslo Fjord boat tour here!

These are some of the best things to do in Oslo, Norway. Oslo is a beautiful city, and definitely worth a visit in your next Norway trip!

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9 thoughts on “A Day In Oslo, Norway | What To Do In Norway's Capital

  1. The open-air Norwegian folk museum looks very interesting! I’ve been to Copenhagen, Helsinki and Stockholm but not yet Oslo. Seems like it’s time for me to visit this nice city!

  2. I think the fjords have my vote for visiting Norway! I’ve yet to been to Oslo, but it’s on my list. The Nobel Peace Centre sounds very interesting, I’d like to visit.

  3. What a nice city to explore. Really, you packed all the fun activities to do on Oslo on your list. I’m not sure I want to do all of these in a day, I’d rather ask for extra days to enjoy the city. Nice pictures you have there.

  4. Some of my fiance’s family live in Norway so I know we will be going there fairly soon. I didn’t realize there were any fjords near Oslo at all, so that’s interesting although I would be more keen to see the others which of course are more spectacular. Being in Oslo though I would love to check out the museums and take advantage of some of the tickets and tours you included within your links.

  5. Seems like a lovely heritage and nature experience. The Fjord looks gorgeous and I sure would want to spend some time here. As do the museums. The Kon Tiki Museum would be a nice addition to the list considering the various reads that I have had on those. Thanks for the options.

  6. Many great attractions to see while in Oslo in Norway. You would definitely need more than a day to get through all those museums and see the Noble Peace Centre. I would definitely take a cruise to see the stunning fjords that Norway has to offer. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Great ideas on here! We have a long layover in Oslo coming up soon and are debating whether or not to get out and explore. We would love to see the Viking Ships, and depending on time, maybe see the fjord as well!

  8. A great list of things to do in one day!! If I have time, I would probably go on a food tour. (Haha, I just can’t resist yummy food!) A boat tour to Oslo Fjord sounds like a fantastic idea too!

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