Guide To Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Where is Game of Thrones Filmed?

Croatia has experienced a boom in tourism over the past several years. Many will credit this to Game of Thrones, as Dubrovnik is one of the primary filming locations for the hit HBO series. Are you a fan of Game of Thrones? A trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia might just be the perfect destination for you.

If you are planning a trip to Dubrovnik, you must take a Game of Thrones Tour to see all of the famous filming locations in the city.


King’s Landing

The Red Keep

Filming Location: Fort Lovrijenac

IMG_6292 - Copy


Fort Lovrijenac can be seen in an array of King’s Landing scenes, making it one of King’s Landing’s most recognizable buildings.


Many scenes have been filmed inside the fortress as well.

The inside of the fort has appeared in many Game of Thrones episodes as well.



The Purple Wedding

Filmed At: Park Gradac

Where the stage area was set up for the Purple Wedding- Almost unrecognizable!
The construction of the wedding altar- Credited to the Dubrovnik Digest

purple wedding doves.jpg

Did you know that if you see white doves around Dubrovnik today, they are from Jeoffry’s wedding cake? The producers didn’t bother to capture the released doves after filming, so now you will occasionally see white doves around the city. Although not all are the original Game of Thrones doves, they are related somehow.

Where the extravagant wedding aisle was set up

purple wedding path

Reddish stones left over from the pathway created for the Purple Wedding!

The crew left the red stones in the park after filming. Although faded, you can still decipher which rocks were used for the episode!



Filming Location: The Jesuit Steps in the Old Town

The exact spot where Cersei started her infamous “walk of shame” in season 5.
The Jesuit Steps AKA the “Shame” stairs.

Covered with tourists, The Jesuit Stairs and Gundulić Square in the Dubrovnik old town is the location where Cersei executed her walk of shame.

Where Cersei walked through the angry crowd during the shame scene.



Oberyn VS. The Mountain

Filming Location: The abandoned hotel right next to Sv. Jakov (St. Jacob) Beach.

View of the abandoned hotel area where the famous Oberyn VS The Mountain scene took place.

The grey building here is an abandoned hotel that was painted grey for the show. The GoT production crew left it in its grey state. Notice a trend here? In Dubrovnik, Game of Thrones is known to leave behind props and set ups, such as the red pebbles and the white doves.


The exact stage where the fight occurred. Now covered in graffiti and left abandoned.

Just next to the grey building, there is a small arena that is covered in graffiti. This is the stage where the duel took place.


Myrcella’s Return

Filming Location: Pile Bay

The shoreline where Cersei awaited her daughter’s return to King’s Landing.

Here is the location of “Blackwater Bay” in King’s Landing. This is theplace where Cersei’s daughter, Myrcella, leaves and returns from Dorne. The Pile Bay shoreline is the base for Dubrovnik’s kayaking tours.


kings land.jpg

IMG_6101 - Copy
The bay where the boat carrying Marcella sailed in.


Wall of King’s Landing

Filming Location: The Ancient City Walls of Dubrovnik


The ancient city walls of Dubrovnik also appear in a vast amount of Game of Thrones scenes.




The House Of The Undying

Filming Location: The Ancient City Walls of Dubrovnik

Outside view of the House of The Undying

Remember when Khaleesi entered the House of The Undying in season 2? Part of it was filmed in the Wall of Dubrovnik’s biggest tower.

Filmed within the walls of the tower



Filming Location: Island of Lokrum (withing the monastery)


One of the more “exotic” filming locations in Game of Thrones, Qarth was shot on the Island of Lokrum, which is a 15 minute boat ride from the Dubrovnik old town. Check out the ancient monastery on this island, where most of the outdoor Qarth scenes were filmed. Oh, and you’ll get the chance to sit on the iron throne, no big deal.

Bonus: You’re 100% likely to encounter dozens of peacocks on the island!




The Iron Throne:

Filming Location: The Game of Thrones Exhibit in the Lokrum Monastery

The REAL iron throne in Dubrovnik (Lokrum)

The closest to Royalty you will ever get.

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